Lawrence Maker Council

The Lawrence Maker Council is a group of educators and parents working to provide the Lawrence community with a creative hub where students can learn how to express their ideas by doing and teaching.

The effort is spearheaded Leslie Fagen (Lawrence’s ECS specialist) and Kirsten Alper (Lawrence’s Technology Specialist), with advice and assistance from the newly formed Lawrence Maker Council.

Current Council:
Leslie Fagen
Kirsten Alper
Matthew Rosenthal (District ECS Coordinator)


Alex Bockman
Jin Suk
Pat Scanlon
Ivy Bueno
Chris Deister

We would like student representation/input. If your kid is interested in anything creative and would like some input on shaping the Maker culture at Lawrence please let us know via Chris Deister (

As part of populating the new ‘Makerspace,’ we would like to ask all parents if they could donate or purchase some needed seed materials/items throughout the month of November. Please take a look at our Amazon wish-list and contribute if you can:

If you have any of the items, that are in good working condition, or something else you may think would be helpful, please contact Chris Deister ( and he will coordinate drop-off with you.