Lawrence Parents Get It Done!

Parents and caregivers are truly the heart of the PTO—from the dozens of room parents who provide a link to classroom teachers, to the board members who design and sell LogoWear and organize virtual events, to the volunteers who took in donations at last weekend’s clothing drive—the generosity of Lawrence families is what makes our school community shine. 

In a normal year, parents and caregivers would also be busy hosting community events—which bring us together and, importantly, support PTO fundraising. But this is 2020…. Today we’re asking that you please make a donation in honor of these volunteers: If they could, they’d be raising dollars with fairs and fun runs and bake sales full of delicious treats (all much more fun than reading yet more emails from us!). But with so many of this year’s events in question (and many, sadly, already canceled) our best hope is to appeal directly to you: 

We would give you a cake right now if we could! Or play chess with you at LSA, or run around the park with you, or buy you a slice of pizza or a cup of freshly pedaled cider. But until we can do those things together again, please make a contribution to the Lawrence Legacy Fund. Your gift helps keep our budget balanced even when fundraising events can’t take place—so that when our wonderful volunteers get the green light to host events again, we’re ready and able to celebrate with them!

DID YOU KNOW: An average Lawrence family spends around $100 at PTO fundraising events throughout the year. Would your family normally attend the fall picnic or other back-to-school events? Redirect those dollars to the Legacy Fund to keep the PTO strong!
PTO Parent Spotlight: Nicola Thompson
She keeps us informed on Wednesdays, so we’re shouting her out with a Thursday Q&A! Meet Nicola Thompson–Lawrence mom, PTO volunteer extraordinaire, and the voice (and funny bone) behind our Wednesday Weekly emails.
How long have you been at Lawrence? We’ve been at Lawrence since 2013, when my son, Cole, started in Dominique Ferdinand’s kindergarten class. Now he’s in 7th grade (what?!!) and Maya is in 5th grade. Not sure how that time warp happened but it did.
How did you get involved in the PTO? Dominique was our introduction to the incredibly dedicated teachers at Lawrence. She is so amazing with her students—I wanted to support her however I could! I signed up as a room parent, then later volunteered for Family Fun Night, Teacher Appreciation, Book Fair, Visual Arts Council, and Food Fest. I’ve loved getting to know staff and parents at PTO events.
What’s your PTO focus these days? I’m on the Green Team—we put the “No Idling” signs outside of school, organized a new composting program (on hold for the moment), run the annual costume swap, and recycle markers and glue sticks at school, helping keep a ton out of landfills. I also head up Lost & Found. (Fun fact: It’s actually rather rewarding to reunite a lonely glove with its owner!) 
But my main job is putting together the newsletter. This is the third year I’ve done it, but it will be my last. I’ve probably overstayed my welcome as it is and it’s time for a new voice! I like that it’s a weekly gig that I can do from home, and it seems like a good resource (I hope!). The best part is trying to figure out where to sneak in a little humor. Not the easiest this past year, but I still try!

Nicola, we love your bits of humor and your emails are a great resource! Thanks for all you do.

BE A NICOLA! Do you have a flair for writing? Love working with classroom teachers? Want to help our school be greener? Please reach out to the PTO presidents to find out how volunteering can fit with your interests and your schedule.

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