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Hello Lawrence Community-

We hope this finds you all doing well during this challenging time. Maybe you’ve found a way to work from home… AND keep a shred of your sanity. If so, please tell us how! We are undoubtedly entering a whole new normal… for a while at least. It’s definitely more of a marathon than a sprint… so remember to breathe everyone. We are reaching out to let you know that we are thinking of our community during this unsettling time. This very abrupt change to our daily lives has left many of us feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. Please lean on one another during this time. Feel free to reach out as needed to PTO Co Presidents, Heather Hoganson and Christina Grady via the following email address:

Setting up a routine at home will help you get in a groove and getting outside will too! Take a walk in the woods, play catch, call a friend or far away relative, let your kid facetime with a buddy and maybe even dust off that harmonica and learn a few notes! Maybe just hand out earplugs to family members first. 

And even though we are all more physically isolated during this time, please know that our community is here for you- and that you are not alone. We also want to share that PTO Presidents from all Brookline schools have been in touch with one another which has proved to be a valuable support system during this time of uncertainty. As has always held true, we’re all in this together. We’ll be reaching out about once a week, but feel free to reach out as needed.

For now, please see the following important update from Lawrence parents Rachel Goldman and Liz Molina on how best to support our local food pantry. As we mentioned last week, Rachel and Liz, planned a canned food drive for this week, but with school closing, they’ve shared some important updates on how we can continue to support our local food pantry in lieu of the planned canned food drive. Also take a moment to check out the time-sensitive information below from Ben Lummis. 
Virtual hugs,Your PTO 


MEDICATION PICKUP: Families will be allowed to pick up their student’s medicine from PSB schools TODAY, Wednesday, March 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. School leaders and nurses will be on-site during this time. If you have medicine to pick-up, please email your school nurse now and call them on their phone number ASAP- prior to your arrival so they can be ready with your student’s medicine. The contact information for all school nurses can be found on our website.

MEALS: During the temporary closure of the Public Schools of Brookline, students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals will be offered meals at no cost through the district’s online student ordering system.

Families can access grab-and-go prepared meals at one of four locations (Coolidge Corner School, Pierce School, Brookline High School, and Baker School) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. This service will begin on March 17. Families can also place an order and request a curbside pick-up time on the PSB Food Service website:

CHROMEBOOK DISTRIBUTION: Starting on Friday, March 20, from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m, families who do not have a working digital device at home can pick-up a free PSB-issued Chromebook to borrow during this temporary school closure. The Chromebooks will be available at Baker, Coolidge Corner, Pierce, and Brookline High School.  You can request a Chromebook by completing this online form. If you have a home computer or device that provides your student(s) with adequate access to online resources, your family should not pick up a Chromebook.

Additionally, Comcast will be providing two months of free internet service to low-income and qualifying families through their Internet Essentials program. Click here to learn more and apply.
The School Committee Meeting will be on Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 6:00 PM and can be virtually followed HERE through Brookline Interactive Group. The agenda can be found HERE


You probably saw Monica Crowley’s previous emails but if you didn’t, you can find copies of the info HERE. Ben Lummis’ email from 3/12/20 can be found HERE and his 3/17 email is HERE


Dear Lawrence Community:
Due to school being closed prior to our food drive beginning, we have reached out to The Brookline Food Pantry to see how we can still help as a community. As a result of concerns regarding sanitation and their ability to purchase food from the Greater Boston Food Bank at a much lower cost, they are not looking for food donations at this time.
They have suggested two ways to help:1. Donate funds through their website. Note from the Pantry on funds: “Quite honestly, financial support is more helpful at this time. We will be feeding a lot of people. The Pantry buys most of our food at the Greater Boston Food Bank at greatly reduced prices. For instance, the box of pasta that someone might buy on sale at a grocery store for $1.00 costs us about $.20 at the Greater Boston Food Bank. Someone would probably have to spend $100 at the grocery store to equal a $20 cash donation to us.” 
2. Volunteer your time: Please sign up HERE to volunteer. They will make sure you qualify as a volunteer and assign you a time based on your availability. Please note children under 13 are not permitted to volunteer. 
Many thanks in advance for all you do as a community. 
Warmly,Liz Molina and Rachel Goldman


BROOKLINE FARMER MARKET VENDORS: It’s a good time to support the local things we love… they need our support now more than ever!

Also, think of your favorite pilates studio, wine store, or restaurant… if you can, maybe order a gift card to use at a later time… every little bit helps right now. 

And as always, thanks for all you do! Be well everyone…

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