Lawrence Loyalty, April 9th, 2020

Hello Lawrence Community- 

First off, to those of you who celebrate Passover– Chag Sameach! We wish everyone special times together with your families during the different celebrations coming up this month, like Easter & Ramadan, as spring slowly arrives. 

Okay, Lawrence families… this coming Monday, April 13th, school will have been closed for a whole month. A MONTH! This is no joke. This is the new normal for now. It’s not instagram-worthy, but instead messy, painful, hard, stressful and overwhelming… and that’s just the first 5 minutes before we have a cup of coffee! We hope you are all doing OK (for real), staying healthy and finding ways to get outside if and when you can. And since you probably get a million emails a day summarizing the collective mood in this pandemic- we won’t dwell on that. But we do want you to know that we are with you… and you are not alone. Please lean on us if you need help. Hang in there everyone. Oh yeah, and remember the 7PM Friday Night Clap For All Essential Workers! Let’s make it a weekly tradition!  
And speaking of brave essential workers… if you work at one of the local hospitals listed below and enjoy yoga, read on for a message from Down Under School of Yoga: Down Under has long-time relationships with some of Boston’s best hospitals and now it is our turn to support the true heroes of this pandemic. For these next two critical weeks, all hospital staff at Brigham & Women’s HospitalBeth Israel Deaconess Medical CenterMassachusetts General, and Boston Children’s have free access to our livestream classes. All employees of these hospitals are invited to create an account and upload their badge using the above links. 

As you probably saw from Monica Crowley’s email, April vacation has been canceled and remote school will be in session on April 21, 22, 23 and 24. Monday, Patriot’s Day (4/20), will still be an observed holiday with no remote learning expectations. The last day of school will now be June 23, 2020. Good Friday is April 10th, 2020, and teachers will not assign anything to be due on that day or on Monday, April 13th in accordance with their Category 1 holiday policy. Here is the copy of Ben Lummis’ letter for further reference. Also from Monica Crowley… she has proposed a Principal’s Fort-Making Challenge- *Remember to ask your parent/s/caregiver/s permission first -:) What kind of fort can you build in your house or in your yard?  How creative can you be? How can you use information learned in school about structures and engineering to help with your design?I am sharing four videos below to help you get started.  The first video in particular simply explains the science involved in building a solid fort, so check in out first. Once you build your fort, take a picture or short video and upload it to the following Lawrence Fort Building Extravaganza Album!  Please know that this link is being shared with all Lawrence families and all will be able to see your pictures/videos.  Please do not share this link with people who are not part of the Lawrence School community. ENJOY!Videos: SciShow KidsKids TeePee TentEasy and Quick Steps to Building a FortKeep Trying-Even after the fort falls down! 

We also want to share that there are a lot of PTO events and activities that are currently in a holding pattern. We imagine this does not come as a surprise to anyone. As soon as we have more information, we will be in touch with more details about these annual events. For now we want to provide a few updates…

Online Auction Lawrence Parent, Tam Sitkoff, has kindly organized this year’s online auction and has already given a substantial amount of her time to this PTO fundraiser. Under the circumstances, the PTO Board and Tam feel it’s best to revisit this fundraiser at a later time. Thanks for your understanding and a special thank you to Tam for her leadership and flexibility. 

LSA Spring Session As of now, the LSA Spring Session is currently on hold. We may be able to work out a shortened session, depending on if/when school reopens. Stay tuned for updates in the newsletter and thank you for your understanding! And thanks to Zoe Kovel for doing such a great job with LSA classes over the years. Thank you Zoe!

Teacher Appreciation Day The national day of recognition for our teachers is Tuesday, May 5. We planned our annual teacher appreciation luncheon for Friday, May 8. We would like to be proactive and plan a virtual celebration in honor of our teachers. If we are together in early May, we will certainly pull something together for our teachers. In the meantime, please join us in submitting a photo or short video (25 seconds or less) saying thank you in your own words to Lawrence teachers. Submissions can be a general thank you to our teaching team at Lawrence or more specific to teachers that your child(ren) has/have this year. See below for a sample. Please email submissions to The deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 26th. By making a submission you are green lighting the use of your submission for the teacher appreciation video, submissions will not be used any other place. Even if remote, we still want to honor our hard working teaching team at Lawrence, now more than ever! Thanks for your help to make this important gesture possible. 
 And speaking of Lawrence events on hold… did I hear someone say PTO Play?!! Yep, we missed that this year, didn’t we? Well, you will just have to let the anticipation build until next year’s performance… but until then… did you know that past years’ performances can be found on YouTube? Um, hello. Why weren’t we informed earlier?!! Yes, Mr. Ward’s cow will live on forever. FOR-EV-ER. Check out the links here: 
PS- you’re welcome. 🙂 

And just so you know, despite the changes to the school year and the cancellations of PTO events, the PTO fully expects to be able to support Lawrence as planned through the end of the 2019/20 school year. We are fortunate to be on strong financial footing, with the help of several years’ of strong fundraising and careful budgeting. We have worked with Principal Crowley to proactively notify teachers that they can use their annual allocations as they prepare for remote learning. In addition, our wonderful teachers continue to send in grant proposals for new curricular initiatives, which would be implemented when students return. Your support, whether through purchasing logowear (coming online soon!) or making a general contribution, is of course still appreciated as we plan for the months ahead. Please be in touch with any specific questions about the PTO budget and thanks for your continued support!  

Before we sign off, here’s the next installment of Some Good News, in case you hadn’t seen it yet.  

And just a reminder- feel free to reach out as needed to PTO Co Presidents, Heather Hoganson and Christina Grady via the following email address: 

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