Lawrence Legacy Fund

“The PTO is an integral part of the Lawrence School learning community.”

– Monica Crowley, Lawrence School Principal

How does your family experience the PTO? Maybe you shook off first-day jitters at Coffee & Kleenex. Or perhaps your child is trying chess or karate in an after-school LSA. If someone in your family had a blast at the Fall Picnic, tasted something new at Food Fest, boarded a bus to a field trip, learned hands-on in the Math Resource Center, or even enjoyed watching the fish in the lobby . . . you’ve benefited from PTO programs!

There’s another important way to experience the PTO: as a contributing member. Every Lawrence family is automatically part of the PTO—an organization that literally wouldn’t exist without family support. And once a year, we ask every Lawrence family to show that support by helping us fund the year’s programs.

$125 is the per-student cost projected in this year’s PTO budget. Would you please consider giving $125 on behalf of your Lawrence student? If a different donation level is a better fit, please give what feels comfortable for you. Every dollar counts, and every contribution—no matter the size—benefits our school.

Please join me in making a donation today! Together we can fund programming that benefits every student, and makes the Lawrence experience great.

– Beth Hester, Lawrence School PTO


“The PTO is an integral part of the Lawrence School learning community. The volunteers who invest their time and energy in designing, planning, and executing school-wide events are amazing and their efforts are so appreciated. Monetary donations are so critical as they support the purchase of resources, teacher grants, assemblies, materials, and so much more—all of which contribute to the success of Lawrence School. The PTO is committed to supporting all staff, so that every educator can meet the needs of every child, K–8. For that, the staff and I are extremely grateful!”

– Monica Crowley, Lawrence School Principal

The Lawrence Legacy Fund Annual Appeal is happening now!

Please do your part to fund PTO programming by donating today.


This is Year 2 of “phone-free giving” for the PTO! As we move away from the phonathons of old, we’re hoping you enjoy the flexibility of making your donation online, at whatever time of day works for you. But if you miss the merry ringing that once signaled PTO volunteers on the line, just let us know! We’d be happy to give you a call to answer questions or help you make your donation over the phone.

Your child was greeted at school this morning with a “Love Lawrence” sticker—our way of spreading the love this Annual Appeal week. You may notice the heart theme popping up in a few other places, too. Keep on the lookout . . . and put your money where your heart is with a gift to the Lawrence Legacy Fund!

Want to get into the nitty gritty? Visit us online at to learn about PTO spending, explore other donor levels, and get information about company matching.

The Lawrence School PTO is a 501(c)3 organization (EIN 31-167-1667), and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

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