Just One Star Away…

Lawrence families, you are amazing—and we are nearly there! Of our final-push goal of raising $10,000 in one week, we’ve raised $9,000—THIS CLOSE to our finish line! 

To everyone who has donated so far, thank you. To the many who have donated once…and then topped up with a second donation to help us toward our goal, you are our heroes! If you have given in any amount, or spread the word to your classrooms, or asked extended family to pitch in, thank you! And if you haven’t donated yet, now is the time—in our final 24 hours of the fall fundraising appeal. No donation is too small—in fact, if every family who has not yet donated gave just $20, we’d reach our goal today. 

We know that for some it’s a tough time to give in any amount, and of course we understand. In addition, in a year as challenging as this one, many of us have had moments of feeling let down by our school experience…and it can feel hard to make a financial contribution from a place of mixed feelings. We get that too.

As you think it over, remember this: Amid a year filled with uncertainty, the PTO can’t promise we know what will come next. We CAN promise that we are 100% dedicated to putting Lawrence students first—and that the money you contribute to the PTO’s Lawrence Legacy fund will be spent bringing them more safety, enrichment, connection, and joy. With strong funding, we’ll be better equipped to do that–and you can make all the difference.

Thank you for all you do, and for your generosity, resilience, and support this year. Brighter days are ahead—and your contribution will help us get there!
Notes from RLA
“Financially this was a tough year for us to make donations, and as RLA families we are also working to support initiatives outside of Lawrence. Still contributing the $150 that the PTO plans to spend on our child every year felt important to us. The investment in the school and Lawrence teachers is an investment in our child’s school experience. Our donation feels like a vote in favor of giving teachers classroom budgets to bring in materials or seek training for themselves. It’s a vote to continue enriching our daughter’s school with the music, art and playground supplies that add joy to her days. We love her RLA teacher, but we can’t wait to be back at Lawrence, and when we return we know these PTO investments will have a direct benefit for our child and her future classrooms.”

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