Japanese Food Fair 2015


Please come and enjoy our annual JAPANESE FOOD FAIR on Thursday, Nov. 19, right after school in the big gym! Students, teachers and families are all welcome.

Admission to the Fair is free, but all purchases require tickets (1 ticket/$1.25; 20 tickets/$20). This ticket could use for food, craft and raffle. In an effort to avoid long lines at the entrance, we will be selling tickets in the lobby in advance on Nov. 17, 18 and 19, as well as at the Fair.

We will sell delicious home-made and donated foods: rice balls, sushi, fried noodles and curry rice, as well as sweet treats and drinks. This year, we will have beautiful hand-made crafts corner and raffle corner where you can get Japanese restaurant gift card or Japanese items! Most items cost 1-3 tickets, and all proceeds support the PTO.

Food Fair Menu (PDF)
Food Fair Floor Map (PDF)


Post Event Announcement

Last week’s JAPANESE FOOD FAIR presented a dizzying array of Japanese treats! We are sincerely grateful to Tomoko Tarui,Tomoko Hato, Mihoko Kuwabara and Kay Kobayashi who pulled off this event as well as the many volunteers who worked so hard to share Japanese cuisine and crafts with our lucky students, parents and staff. We would also like to thank the many local businesses without whose support the event would not have been possible:

Able Real Estate (http://boston.able-global.com/)
Beautiful Cut Hair Salon (http://www.allstonhaircut.com/)
Cambridge Auto Center (http://www.cambridgeautocenter.com/)
Costco (Everett) (http://www.costco.com/)
Japanese Hair Salon Defi (http://www.salondefi.com/)
Ebisuya Japanese Market (http://www.ebisuyamarket.com/)
Ganko Ittetsu Ramen (http://www.gankoramen.com/)
Gray Mist (https://www.graymist.com/)
Hair Stylist Kayoko (http://japanese-hairstylist-kayoko.com/)
Hair Stylist Taka (https://taka-ihara.squarespace.com/)
Izakaya Ittoku (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Izakaya-Ittoku/191428244355243)
Japonaise Bakery (http://www.japonaisebakery.com/index.html)
Maeda-En (http://maeda-en.com/)
Mikasa Global Realty (http://www.mikasafudosan.com/)
OSAKA (http://brooklineosaka.com/)
Oga’s Japanese Restaurant (http://www.ogasnatick.com/)
Pikaichi (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pikaichi/149046325152192)
Sakanaya (https://twitter.com/SakanayaBoston)
Sapporo Ramen(http://www.allmenus.com/ma/cambridge/1170-sapporo-ramen/menu/)
Shaws (Allston) (http://www.shaws.com/)
Shiki (http://shikibrookline.com/)
Takusan Sushi(http://takusansushi.com/)
The Sweet Kitchen (http://www.the-sweet-kitchen.com/english/)
Urban Realty (https://www.bostonfudosan.com/en/node/11)
Wegmans (Chestnut Hill) (http://www.wegmans.com/)
Yoko Design Kitchen (http://www.yokodesign.com/)
Yuko Family Medicine (www.YukoFamilyMedicine.com)
Yume Wo Katare (http://www.yumewokatare.com/)

Please thank them in your business!

Congratulations to everyone who won our raffle! Here is the list of winners:
1st Prize: Julie Hoshino (1L)
2nd Prize: Jessica Dubin (KE), Ayush Gupta (5RW), Rasik Waikar (3L)
3rd Prize: Alex Kim (3M), Toshihito Ohguchi (3M)

If you are the winner, please contact Kay Kobayashi .

In addition to providing a delicious taste of Japan, the Japanese Food Fair raised over $6,000 for the PTO! “Arigato!”

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