Japanese Fair 2016

Organizers: Kay Kobayashi  ikobayas211@gmail.com and Kazuko Miyamoto kazuko.m.kojima@gmail.com

The annual Japanese Fair  is this Thursday, December 15, 2016, after school in the Big Gym! Japanese parents have been hard at work preparing for this wonderful event, where students can purchase a variety of delicious home-made and donated foods: rice balls, sushi, fried noodles and curry rice, as well as sweet treats. Also, we will have beautiful hand-made crafts corner and raffle corner where you can get Japanese restaurant gift card or Japanese items! Most items cost 1-3 tickets, and all proceeds support the PTO.

Admission to the Fair is free, but all purchases require tickets (1 ticket/$1.25; 18 tickets/$20). This ticket could use for food, craft and raffle. In an effort to avoid long lines at the entrance, we will be selling tickets in the lobby in advance in advance on Dec. 13 (Tuesday), 14 (Wednesday) and 19 (Thursday), as well as at the Fair. Raffle winner will be announced at next Monday Update.

To improve access for younger students, grades K-4 and grades 5-8 will enter through different doors. It will be crowded, so we ask that students please leave backpacks in their cubbies, lockers or the hallway. LEDP students in grades K-3 will be able to buy food in the LEDP room, and students who take the bus to school will be dismissed 5 minutes early, so that they can enjoy the fair before they leave.

Click to see the Floor Map and Menu. If you can volunteer, sign up iVolunteer (http://lawrencepto.ivolunteer.com/japanesefoodfair_002) or contact Kay Kobayashi (ikobayas211@gmail.com) or Kazuko Miyamoto (kazuko.m.kojima@gmail.com).