Japanese Fair Thank Yous

Last week’s JAPANESE FAIR presented a dizzying array of Japanese treats! We are sincerely grateful to Kay Koabayshi, Takehiko Sambe and Saori Tanaka who pulled off this event as well as the many volunteers who worked so hard to share Japanese cuisine and crafts with our lucky students, parents and staff. We would also like to thank the many businesses without whose support the event would not have been possible: 

Raffle Winners
Congratulations to everyone who won our raffle! Here is the list of winners:
1st Prize (Japanese Restaurant Shiki $50 gift card, Japanese Artificial Flower Decoration ($200 Value) & Happi*) : Josiah Calmas (1L)
2nd Prize (Yume Wo Katare (Ramen place) 1 Bowls ($12 Value) Gift key chain, Japanese Artificial Flower Decoration ($150 Value) & Happi*) : Karin Kusaka (6S), Aoi Akiyama (1F) 
3rd Prize (Japanese Snack Set ($5) & Happi ($50 Value) *) : Sam Tager (2GR), Lauren Cecchini (Music)

*A happi coat is a traditional Japanese piece of clothing, often worn during festivals.

If you are the winner, please contact Kay Kobayashi (ikobayas211@gmail.com).

In addition to providing a delicious taste of Japan, the Japanese Fair raised over $6,000 for the PTO! “Arigato!”

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