Japanese Fair 2021

May 5th is Japanese Children’s Day and the Lawrence Japanese community will host the Japanese Fair virtually! (Detailed event flyer)

The craft store and raffle are now closed, but please continue to enjoy the video tutorials below! Thank you to Kiran, Misaki and Yuna, Atsuki and Tomoki, and Yuta for sharing some of their creations!

Please see these videos to learn about the Lawrence Japanese Fair, a treasured tradition at our school:

Video Tutorials

The Japanese students of the Lawrence 8th grade made tutorial videos for you! Learn to make Japanese food (rice balls, sushi rolls) and crafts (a candy lei, origami decoration ball – Kusudama or origami samurai hat):

(Have your origami paper ready, or print your own: orange, blue, sakura, yellow flower)

Recipe Book

Do you miss the Japanese food treats which were sold at the fair? We created a Japanese recipe book that you can use to make treats at home. Let your family discover the unexplored tastes of Japan from home!

Craft Store

If you would like to buy Japanese origami crafts, please check out the Japanese craft store on Membership Toolkit! These are lovely gifts for anyone! The candy box set and kusudama set have extra origami paper with instructions so that you can make them at home!

Raffle Baskets

Finally, we have four incredibly unique Japanese raffle baskets! Check the details below and buy raffle tickets here. We will announce the winner at the end of May.

Buy one, gift one

We also have an option to buy a ticket/give a ticket; gifted tickets and craft sets will be distributed by the school privately. Thank you for your consideration!

All proceeds will go to the Lawrence PTO. Don’t miss this chance to support the PTO and enjoy the event!


Please contact Kay Kobayashi (ikobayas211@gmail.com), Ai Nisikubo (tihonee1001@gmail.com) and Kayoko Yamada (kayoyam@gmail.com).

A Special Thank You

We would like to thank the following people who helped to make this virtual Japanese Fair possible.

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