Japanese Fair 2017

Japanese Fair 2017 is scheduled on Thursday, November 16, right after school in the Big Gym.

Since 1979, the Japanese Fair has celebrated Japanese culture at Lawrence and supported an educational trip to Japan for a Lawrence teacher (Sending Educator To Japan: SET-J, http://lawrenceschoolbrookline.org/pto/set-j/).

Admission to the Fair is free, but all food, craft, and raffle purchases require tickets (1 ticket=$1). To avoid long lines at the entrance, we will be selling tickets in the lobby in advance on Nov. 14 (Tue), 15(Wed) and 16(Thu), as well as at the Fair.

We need a lot of hands to make our popular candy leis & origami crafts on Wednesday November 8, 8-9:30 am in the cafeteria, and to sell tickets at the fair on Thursday, November 16 2:30pm-3:30pm. Sign up at https://lawrenceschoolpto.wufoo.com/forms/z25gl780untsvs/ or contact Kay Kobayashi (ikobayas211@gmail.com), Takehiko Sambe (t-sambe@med.showa-u.ac.jp), and Saori Tanaka (sarry_tanaka@yahoo.co.jp).

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