Iris Feldman Memorial Library Proposal

On Thursday May 10th the School Committee will vote to approve a proposal to have the Lawrence Library named for beloved former librarian Iris Feldman, who recently passed away.

For more than three decades Iris gave her heart and soul to the students and teachers of Lawrence. Her commitment and dedication was unsurpassed. Under her leadership the library was a warm and welcoming place. Iris read stories to children with a joyfulness that was infectious. She was always up to date on the latest award winning books, always able to recommend just the right book for each student and teacher. Iris was an inspiration to many. She was an excellent collaborator and a valuable resource. She often coordinated her program to support classroom studiies. She spearheaded a Children’s Literature Discussion Group, and with funding from a McArthur grant traveled to Chicago to present research based on the impact of this group. She made lasting connections with former students and colleagues.

It would be a fitting tribute to have the Lawrence School Library named after Iris to honor her exceptional contributions to Lawrence School.

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