International Night Sub-Committees


Patricia Santos 857-218-8102
Duties include making up a list of possible entertainers to fill 1 hour of show time. With each performance being no more than 10 minutes. (Please find out how long the Coepeira show is.) Organizing entertainers. All performances should be donated. Organize Parade if we still plan to do this. Kids sing it’s a small world after all? Organize with music teacher
Organize lights, stage. Figure out who will help you/parents/kids

Decorating: Waiting on a commitment
Duties include setting up tables, organize with art teacher

Food Committee: Maritza Velez 787-543-2772
Duties include finding out from our volunteer list/forms who will contribute food. Arranging the food by continent and country. Arranging to have food dropped off/set up/heated?/served? Labeled, allergies, amount for each to cook, etc. Donations from restaurants if we do not get enough donations from parents. menu or cookbook?

Marketing: Marcia Ramos Sosa 617-834-4099
Duties include: getting info to PTO, making fliers, sending emails, updating Website, facebook, tweets, brochure of he event, creating forms, posting forms, advertising meetings, Coordinate with food and entertainment committee to publish any forms, info they need. Create sign up platform, ivolunteer/mail chimp (ask Florrie or Nagmeh) info available for spring picnic-sign up sheet, put short notice in PTO newsletter

Service Management: Laura Bravo Melguizo 617-331-8015
Includes organizing volunteers and distributing them amongst the committees, reaching out to ESL Akiko Kawai, Miss Wolfe, and Emily regarding contacting international families, taking charge of set up/clean up, hiring a custodian and making sure we have enough table-at least 14

Other tasks: Marcia Ramos Sosa/tbd
Budgeting, Scheduling and overall management. Marcia can handle these tasks but would be grateful to anyone who wants to take on one of the tasks or just help out.

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