International Night Acknowledgments


In particular I’d like to thank Miss Magno for meticulously drawing out continents on poster board and to Gena Robinson and various art students from Miss Magno’s 7th-8th grade classes for helping to color them in; parent volunteers: Maritza Velez and family, for organizing food donations from Rami’s in Brookline and Anna’s Taqueria, serving food, and helping with set up and clean up; Weddee Henry and family for manning the volunteer booth, donating food, and helping to set up and clean up; Makeeba McCreary, Jenny Tam, and Yan Feng, for administering ticket sales (I don’t think they ever left their station!); Ruth Frenchwood for serving as food runner and server; Ginelle Vasquez for staying from start to finish to set up, clean up, serve food, and help in every way; Yadira Richards for manning the water table; Nagmeh Ansari for helping to set up, clean up, and for standing on her feet selling raffle tickets all night; Holly Jordan for picking up supplies, making and serving food Lebanese cookies, and for helping all night; Amanda Gordon for helping with set up and clean up; Maggie Sawada for always offering Lawrence Logo for sale; Brandie Ratcliff for creating and updating the volunteer sign up, and to my husband Juan Carlos Sosa manning a food station and being an awesome DJ. Thank you all for always being there to help things run smoothly. I hope you had a chance to eat and see a few shows.

Thank you for all your RAFFLE ITEMS: Gift baskets provided by Lawrence families and friends Kay Kobayashi, The Sosa family, Shamara Morris, and my dear friend Kim Ngo, Gift certificates by Camp Cody and Orinoco Restaurant, and 2 Piñatas by The Lawrence PTO.

Thank you to the teachers who donated their classrooms and equipment: Ms. Alper, Ms. Horst, and Mr. Porter who made sure that we had enough 7th, and 8th graders to help.

To the custodians Mike and Pat who put in overtime to help out at the event and for being available every time something was needed.

To the Lawrence PTO, to all the parents who meet monthly and work tirelessly to raise money so that we can allocate funds to events like I-night.

A special thanks to all those who DONATED FOOD, and to those who set up amazing food stations, Ines Costa Dias, Silvia Titan, Isabel Castro, Nancy Gracin, Kay Lin, Juan Sosa, Yuan Kong, Keiko Nagano, Maritza Valez, Holly Jordan, Katherine Natalyia Bassina, Ingraham Kay Kobayashi, Kaori Shimizu, Junko Masaki ,Saori Tanaka, Michiru Inada Marimo Arai, Fumi Moriguchi, Mai Sueyoshi, Asako Ichihara, Jean-Claude Ferdinand, Murat-Zeynep Simsek, Danna Perry, Sandra and Kenny Kozol Vaishali Kushwaha, Makdeh Abebe and family , and all those who didn’t sign up but dropped off donations.

And I especially want to thank ALL THE STUDENT VOLUNTEERS! You all did a truly amazing job from start to finish. I was so pleased to have such hard working, polite, mature individuals on my team. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PARENTS READ THIS SO THEY KNOW WHAT A GREAT JOB YOU DID. Two especially wonderful young men, Drequan Small, and Max Bajic (who didn’t even need volunteer hours! ) worked diligently for hours, always with a smile on their faces; Jay Zhou stood on his feet for ours helping with volunteer check-in until Sabrina Bergin kindly released him later in the evening; Kasra Varasteh, Gabriel Saint-Jore, Gaspard Saint-Jore, Chen Zhang, Aaron Stemone, Simon Kayser did an awesome job setting up and helping out in the big gym; Shane Barns came in to serve food and clean up (hope you tried some Pupusas!); Jordan Wallace was there from beginning to end, always polite and so helpful; my photographer, Phylicia Robinson, did a spectacular job of making sure to catch every aspect of the event (can’t wait to see the pics!); Pandora Vasquez and Nina Henry helped represent the Caribbean and Central America by serving up delicious Hispanic and Jamaican food, Fiona Souza, Ricardo Henry, Benjamin Zhen, Leren Pua, Jieling Pua, Kate Truog , Manan Mathew , Shaanti Raychaudhuri, and Kalina Lazarova-Weng, Marimo Arai, Elizabeth, Celine, Manon, Benjamin Zhen and Jason O’brien, were also a tremendous help throughout the night.

A special thanks to all the parents and students who donated so much of their time and personal resources to present the most amazing ACTIVITIES AND SHOWS: Kay Lin, Yu Jeong Kane, Ju Hong, and Daniel Kim for the Korean Activity with food, activities and a superb student led Tae Kwon Do performance; our talented Lawrence students Rasik Waikar and Keya Waikar and family for a glorious Indian Dance performance; 7th grader Lucy Gray, family and friends Zoe Galaburda and Grace Thompson for their magnificent Irish Step Dance performance; The Japanese Activity led by Kay Kobayashi and members of the Japanese community: Chigusa Aoki,Kaho Aoki, Emi Ishibazawa, Mirei Ishibazawa, Fumiko Inagaki, Nao Inagaki,Satoko Tashiro, Kenji Tashiro, Miwa Dejima, Kaito Dejima, Hitomi Sato, Yuina Sato, Kayo Yukawa, Kayoko Yamada, Saori Kimura, Satsuki Kimura, Nishiki Makioka, Akiko Murai, Seitaro Murai, Shujiro Murai, Rie Ishikawa, Maho Ishikawa, Akemi Kouyama, Kaya Kouyama, Keiko Nagano, Mone Nagano, Mai Sueyoshi, Koichiro Sueyoshi, Sinichiro Sueyoshi, Yuka Takeuchi, Yu Takeuchi, Toshiki Kobayashi, Ayumi Niwa, Aiko Niwa and Nanako Niwa for the delicious food, sword fighting demonstration and other brilliant activities; The Brookline High Samba Ensemble for entertaining us with lively Brazilian music all night; The Chinese Activity Jessica Kong and members of her family and the Chinese community: Jing Du, Jie Liu, Qian Zhao, Jing Liu, Weijun Zhu, Flora Zhu, Rachel Li, Rong Chen, Wen Zhang, Alyssa Xia, Feng Zhang, Yuzhi Xiao, Yang Liu, Jun Xiong, Tingyuan Yang, Sen Chen, Yujie Yuan, Chunling Dong and Li Li who contributed food and put together Chinese folk dance, Kung fu and other delightful activities, Rosalba Solis (Boston School teacher and owner of La Piñata) for doing a wonderful job of showing students how to recycle household items into instruments to create Junk Percussion.


Last but not least, thank you to all of the families that showed their support by attending the event. To anyone who contributed that I may have missed, please accept my most sincere apologies. My most heartfelt gratitude extends to you as well. THANK YOU! See you all at the spring picnic!

Warmest Regards, Marcia Ramos Sosa

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