Lawrence Green Team

Organizers: Kathleen ScanlonNicola Thompson, Gina Hahn, Angela Lee and Susan Helms Daley

A big thank you to everyone from the Green Team for walking/biking/scootering on Car Free Day this year! And a special thanks to the early-rising volunteers for helping with the stamping of hands: Britta Lassman, Charlotte Rice, Grace Fehrenbach, Jen Beach, Nicola Thompson & Theresa Lagos.

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Green Guide For Classroom events

Each time you choose to recycle, or use a reusable cup, or simply use less, you reduce Lawrence School’s—and your own—environmental footprint. Please consider these green guidelines when planning your classroom events.

No idling at Lawrence School

Many drivers let their cars idle, which is often unnecessary. Stopping idling would make the air cleaner, save natural resources, and would help to save 10 billion US$ per year or more on gas in the U.S. Raise awareness and read more about the issue here.

Green Gift Guide

As we look forward to summer now, you may wish to consider that there are now greener options for almost any gift you intend to purchase.  Check out the green team’s Green Gift Guide for some helpful ideas.

Did you know…

40% of bottled water is drawn from tap water anyway so you pay ~2000 times the price
you would pay at the tap for the same thing. Read why the green team encourages you to avoid bottled water!

For more information about the Lawrence Green Team,  contact Kathleen Scanlon.

And for class and school events, please read the Green Events Guide for important information that will help us all do better!