Fostering Conversations About Books: Grades K-2

If your child is reading fiction, ask…

  • What has happened so far in the story?
  • What is interesting to your so far?  Why?
  • Who are the main characters?  How would you describe them?  What do the author and/or illustrator do to help you know what the characters are like?
  • Who is your favorite character/part?  Say more about that.
  • What does this book remind you of?
  • How would you describe this book?  Is it funny?  Scary?  Sad?  Say more about that.
  • What is something liked or learned from this book?


If your child is reading non-fiction, ask…

  • What is this book about?
  • What are the most important facts in the book?  Why are they important?
  • What does the author want us to think about the topic of the book?  Say more about that.
  • Are there parts of the book that help you to understand the topic better, like pictures or maps?  Let’s find one and talk about how it helps us.
  • Why do you think the author wrote this book?  What might they want us to do after we have read this book?