Food Day Festival Recipe Contest

Food Day Festival 2016

Food Day Festival Contest Guidelines:

  • Contestants: compete as an individual or work in groups to represent classrooms or teams

  • Bring a favorite homemade savory dish prominently featuring vegetables.

  • Samples will be single bite sized, but bring plenty since running out is a good way to lose votes!

  • Label the dish with a card featuring the name of the dish and ingredients, including key nutrition information (carbs, salt, sugar, fats).

  • Toothpicks or tasting spoons/mini-cups helpful but not required (we supply a bunch).

  • Bring the dish between 4:30-5pm. Late additions are fine, just risk missing voting tasters.


The Recipe Content Winners received gifts donated by Cutty’s, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s:
1st Place: Shun Tarui  “Addictive cucumbers”
2nd Place: Yurika Tarui “Teriyaki potatoes”
3rd Place: Jessica Dubin “Beet and Blueberry Bread”



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