Food Day Festival – Master Plan

Food Day Festival

This page will outline the overall needs to organize the annual Food Day Festival, which ideally will coincide with National Food Day. in mid-October

The co-coordinator will need to spend 1-2 hours per week in advance planning. A batch of emails once or twice a month in the months leading up to late September, and then it’s more regular leading up to the festival proper.


ARRIVAL TIME:  The Big Gym should be available beginning at 2:30, and the tables may or may not be set up.  They should be arranged in a U shape, with the bottom of the U at the far end of the gym, leaving room for floor games and play space for younger kids (Set Up volunteers, please plan to help moving tables, taping off the climbing ladders, and distributing supplies.)

I will be there to supervise and set up beginning at 3 p.m.  Please be sure to allow plenty of time to set up your station, as we want everything to be ready to go at 5 p.m. when the first guests arrive.

SUPPLIES:  Some of you will have made arrangements for your own serving materials (thank you!), but I will also bring small paper cups and plates and sample spoons, and an assortment of cups, napkins and other cutlery. I will also bring tape, markers and some poster paper for last minute signage needs; if you have extra poster paper or board and tape, feel free to bring it along!

CHECK IN: There will be a small check in spot for participants and volunteers to the right of the main doors to the gym once you step inside.  Please come let me know you have arrived and get an assignment if you are not sure where/when you are needed or what you are doing.

VOLUNTEERS/FLOATERS:  I will also assign volunteers to staff shifts at the Fresh

Truck, in the front hall and at the gym doors in greeter roles.  Likely assignments are:

Fresh Truck sample cutter

front hall greeters to direct people to the gym, Fresh Truck and school garden tours

“Big Gym Cafe” door host/hostess and party counter (who will ask how many to a party at the door, mark it on their clipboard, and offer to ’seat’/direct) so we can better track attendance and flow for future planning purposes.



In front of school:  The Fresh Truck (Josh Trautwein) +1 to cut and hand out samples.

Main Hall: Greeter to direct people to Big Gym and school garden for tours by Jon Norwood, explain Fresh Truck (Sydney Fuller-Jones +1)

Big Gym Cafe Host/Hostess or Greeter (tally arrivals) – 3 shifts of 30 minutes.

Above three staffed by: Aidan, Abby S., KJ, Oliver.

Inside big gym, starting from left front running along left wall, back wall, and right wall in U shape:

  1. Roasted Veggie station (Katherine Ingraham, Kathleen Scanlon+1)
  2. Crazy Citrus station (Katherine Ingraham, Judy Platt)
  3. Olive Connection & Clear Flour station (CJ Sapoznik+1)
  4. ChopChop Station – (Gina Hahn)
  5. Salad Station (Dana Greene)
  6. The Fireplace (Jim Solomon)
  7. Sustainability station: Animal Welfare (Delcianna Winders and Tessie Connors/Vanessa Daneshvar)
  8. Recipe contest (Lisa Viola & Despina Mavromati/Sue + Clara & Sloan)
  9. Rifrullo Table (Ella)
  10. Farmers to You (Celeste)
  11. Rice & Topping Bar (Linda Louie)
  12. Grow your own food! (Shi Yin Foo)
  13. Temptations Station (Nano Lutfi/Teo Neuefeind Lessig)
  14. Chick Pea Cookies (Alden Cadwell/Janelle)
  15. Cooking around allergies (Dawn Ludwig)
  16. Hydration station: Nagmeh Ansari, Florrie Ives
  17. Floor Games: Emma Samuels/ Panos Delimatsis + Vivian, Muriel & Emma, Mary & Zoe, Maab & Hugo

Photographer & Poster/Newspaper sales: Jin Suk (may be featured in the TAB!) & Patrick Scanlon


  • Clean up: Anna S., Sarah G., Hana
  • Wash table cloths: Sarah Gleba
  • Write up thank you message for PTO Monday Update.

SAFETY NOTE:  We will plan to block the climbing area with a station table.  Anyone manning a station in that area, please be attentive to kids climbing on that, as Rick has asked us to keep it off limits.