Food Day Festival 2015 Post Event Message

Food Day Festival

Post Event Announcement

The Food Day Festival was a great success. Our appreciation goes out once again to organizer Bettina Neuefeind and all the volunteers who made it so delicious and fun! Everyone enjoyed the great food, and children learned about good nutrition and healthy eating. Congratulations to everyone who submitted their entries for the recipe contest!

Here is the list of winners:

1st Place: Toshi Ohguchi
2nd Place/tie: Teddy Gleba, Kei Hato
3rd Place/tie: Yurika Tarui, Teo Neuefeind
Runners Up: Sophia Root, Yuen Ler Chow

Volunteer Thank you List

Josh Trautwein for The Fresh Truck

Jonathan Norwood for the Lawrence School Garden tours

Katherine Ingraham, Kathleen Scanlon and Judy Platt for the fruit and veggie station

Clear Flour Bakery and the Sapoznik family for the Olive Connection station

Gina Hahn for the ChopChop salad dressing station and prizes

Dana Greene for the Salad Bar

Jim Solomon for the Fireplace

Delicanna Winders, Tessie Connors and Vanessa Daneshvar for sustainable eating

Lisa Viola, Sarah Moghtader and Despina Mavromati for the Recipe Contest

Boston Organics and Cutty’s for prize donations

Emma Samuels, Panos Delimatsis for floor games

Celeste Beyer for Farmers to You

Ella & Colleen Suhanosky for Rifrullo

Kay Kobayashi and Linda Louie for the Topping Bar

Shi Yin Foo for the Grow Your Own station

Nano Lutfi for Temptations

Alden Cadwell and Janelle Ambroise for Nutrition Services

Dawn Ludwig for the Cooking for Allergies station

Nagmeh Ansari and Florrie Ives for hydration station and PTO support

Susan Dubin and Sydney Fuller Jones for assistance festival-wide

Jin Suk for design, publicity and photography

Patrick Scanlon for Conservation newspaper

Sarah Gleba for services beyond the call of duty

Sarah Wolff, Jurgen Brandl & Pat Clark for facilities.
Laura Horst and the 8th grade Advisory volunteer teams:

  • Sign makers Evan, Svea, Josh & Aidan.
  • Set up team Soleil, Svea, Zoe S., Cat & Mary.
  • Greeters Aidan, Abby S., KJ & Oliver.
  • Floor games Vivian, Muriel, Emma, Mary & Zoe.
  • Recipe contest Maab & Hugo.
  • Clean up Anna S., Sarah G., Hana.

Rick Rogers for enthusiastic enabling.

The Stone Soup team for everything.