Finish Strong (This Is the Week!)

Lawrence students are superstars—beautiful even when distant, connected by our stories, bright in so many ways. There’s another way our students are like stars: In a truly crazy year, their well-being is our guiding light—far above the fray, undimmed by masks or closures or confusion. 

In this spirit the PTO has set ambitious fundraising goals for this year’s Lawrence Legacy Fund, which supports enriching and enhancing the educational opportunities of every Lawrence student. Our Fall Appeal set out to give this year’s Fund a strong foundation, on which we expected to build with spring fundraising events. However, spring fundraising events are in question, and a daunting challenge looms: Can we raise the funds to support our students, even in the absence of in-person events? 

In January, the PTO board meets to review and adjust the budget for this school year. We are on the brink of some tough decisions. Right now, you can make the difference. So we’re setting an extra-ambitious goal for the final days of the fall appeal: If we raise $10,000 in the next week, we will exceed our fall goal—and cast a clear vote to continue the PTO’s crucial support for classrooms, community support for families, and the best possible resources for our ‘star students.’

Will you join us in the 10K challenge and help secure a brighter spring? We’re wishing on stars…and counting on you!

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