How do I (volunteer) check-in students to Movie Day?

The easiest way to setup a new Movie Day event is to copy an existing Movie Day Product.

  1. Login as an Admin to
  2. Click Review Sales
  3. Click “More Search Options
  4. Choose Movie Day from the Category filter list.
  5. Locate student in list. You can see them on the first screen, change the # of Records per page, or click the Next page button (not shown below).
  6. Check the box in the “Reconciled” column for the Student(s).
  7. Click Update Button.
    TIP: Click the Update Button frequently and before changing the page or # of records per page.

If you need to make any notes on a child, click the Pencil button to edit the sale. Add the note to the “Buyer Memo” text box.

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