Room Parent FAQ

Room Parents are one of the most valuable natural resources of any school community. They help get coordinate class events and gift giving to the teacher as well as being a liason between the PTO board and the parents.

The responsibilities are outline in the following documents:  coming soon.

Room parents can email their respective classes using the “Email Class” menu item in MySchoolAnywhere.

Room Parents

Instructions for Room Parents to create a class list and setup an email groups to stay in touch with their class.

How do I create a room parent email list?
Your parent email list is already made for you.   All you need to do is get all the parents to signup for a account if they haven’t already and assign their children to your class. If a MySchoolAnywhere Admin account has been created for you as a room parent, you will have access to setup new families.  
How do I collect money from parents for a gift to the teacher?

One of the most successful gift giving tools for Room Parents to Teachers is HipChip.

Anyone can easily create an account.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or Create an Account.
  3. Click button labeled “New Gift” on the left hand-side.
  4. Who is this gift for? Select “Teacher”.
  5. Choose Number of Teachers.
  6. Enter Teachers Name
  7. Choose up to five Gift types. Amazon Card seems to be popular.
  8. Enter the Gift Details, including Title, Deadline, Suggested donation amount.
  9. Copy & Paste your email list.
    • Click here for instruction on getting your email list
  10. Write your invitation Message
  11. Chip In yourself or ChipIn Later
  12. Send the Invitation
  13. At any time, you many choose to submit your order to purchase the gift cards.

How do I setup a classroom event?
  1. Login to
  2. Click Your Account and Email Class.
  3. Compose your message with the event information and Signup link.
  4. Send the email to your class.

Please contact to setup an signup event in myschoolanywhere for you.

Links to signup can be added to the emails.
Emails can be sent to specific user groups as including people who have signed up, or people who have not signed up yet.

Contact if you have any questions.

How do I get to the Lawrence Community Directory?

Amos A Lawrence PTO has setup a community website using the tool MySchoolAnywhere.

Go to the following link:

Click the link “Forgot your Password ?” and Enter the email you had used in Lawrence’s former directory If you get the message “The email you entered does not have an account in our system.” keep trying other emails.

If you have not registered for the school directory, join now by clicking on the link below and someone in the PTO will approve your family for the directory.