Family Fun Night Coordinator

Recruit Team Leaders, ideally 5, one from each grade, who will work with the Room Parents from that grade to recruit volunteers and oversee the following:

October – December

  • Team Leader 1 – overall manager of timeline, coordinating logistics, documents, works with administrative staff (principal, vice principal, money, and contacts volunteers, 8th grade room parent re: bake sale/coffeehouse
  • Team Leader 2 – oversees activity rooms – supplies, organization, teacher gifts
  • Team Leader 3 – oversees carnival and raffle – determines games, rents items, gets prizes and supplies
  • Team Leader 4 – oversees food court – determines decorations, supplies,
  • Team Leader 5 – oversees coffeehouse – purchases supplies for night, works with 8th grade parents to staff room
  • Extra support – PTO newsletter and tech assistance with publicity and ivolunteer spreadsheet creation/updating
  • Meet and review list of activities from previous year; brainstorm and research new ideas
  • Finalize activities and determine room assignments
  • Coordinate room assignments and usage with Mr. Rogers and individual teachers
  • Determine # of volunteers needed for each room, communicate with appropriate Room Parents
  • Begin to seek/create raffle prizes (big prizes and baskets)
  • Complete facility use form

January – February

  • Inventory PTO closet for FFN supplies
  • Compile shopping list and coordinate purchase of supplies
  • Work with Room Parents to actively recruit and sign up volunteers for  specific tasks and work with vice principal to enlist help of 8th grade volunteers
  • Communicate room setup needs with custodial staff
  • Post needs/advertise event via PTO newsletter
  • Update room signage and activity directions
  • Arrange for petty cash (via PTO treasurer) and radios (if desired)
  • Determine announcements and send to principal (community meetings)

Week of Family Fun Night

  • Coordinate raffle ticket sales
  • Pull together cash boxes
  • Organize all supplies
  • Finalize volunteer needs/adjust rooms, etc. as necessary based on volunteers
  • Make flyers for FFN, give to front office for approval,  post around school
  • Work with principal on day of announcements/raffle prize logistics
  • Make thank you cards for teachers and place in rooms at end of night
  • Specify tickets for food sales; track money collected and receipts for accounting, coordinate with PTO treasurer for deposits and expense reimbursements.
  • Print out all room signs, volunteer lists,
  • Send out emails to volunteers with directions for each room
  • Communicate with vice principal expectations of 8th graders
  • Thank all volunteers via e-mail or in person, share thank you particulars with Newsletter editor for the following issue.