Fall Together 2020

A special thank you to the following community members that played a special role in making this virtual event possible:

Principal Monica Crowley, Lawrence Librarian Kathy Moriarty, Grade 5 Teacher Laura Basileo, Grade 4 Teacher Jon Weinberger, Grade 3 Teacher Jeremy Ward, Grade 2 Teaching Team (Katie Grenzeback, Katarina Kretchman, Lily Chase Lubitz, Keryn Gannon Steckloff), Grade K Teaching Team (Nora Carpenter, Liz Exton, Dominique Ferdinand, Jessica Gordon, Nana Wen), Lawrence Parent Bridget Muelbert, Lawrence Parent Heather Hoganson, Lawrence Parent Jake Buckley-Fortin, Lawrence Parent Jin Suk, BIG (Brookline Interactive Group), Big Head Cartoon, Danielle Andersen, T Anthony’s Pizzeria, Taberna de Haro, Rod D by Sitti

Check our YouTube page if you missed the show.

We miss seeing our community members! Join us at Fall Together, a live premiere pre recorded virtual community event on Friday, October 30 at 7pm. This will be a great opportunity for our community members to meet and greet one another, virtually of course. We want to hear what this time of year means to you! Get thinking and get creative! Suggested ideas include but are not limited to Halloween costume submissions, fall STEAM creations, or sharing a favorite recipe from this time of year. Our community members are the stars of the show!

Get all the details from Principal Crowley here.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Monster Mash dance tutorial below and send us videos of your favorite moves or the entire dance!

Need MORE inspiration? Watch this and then click to register below:

Tips for photo/video submissions:

  • Please submit video format in HORIZONTAL (16×9 – landscape mode)
  • Ideal video format is .mov., mp4 and .m4v
  • Ideal photo format is JPEGs or PNGs

Tips for shooting:

  • Camera Angle – place the camera as close to eye level as possible
  • Camera Framing – proper framing helps you be seen, make sure your head is close to the top of the frame but not cut off
  • Light – source of light should be on face, in front of you, not behind you, make sure there isn’t a window behind you with light pouring in.
  • Background – think about what is in your background, visually and audio sounds and there is nothing in the frame you don’t want others to see
  • Sound/ Noise – try to be as close to the camera as possible for good sound, and your room in general is quiet and there isn’t a lot of outside noise around.

We will update this page of our PTO website with more details in the coming weeks and of course share the link to access the live premiere for Friday, October 30.

Thanks for your consideration! We look forward to this event! 

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