Differentiation for Spanish & Mandarin speakers in our schools

Meeting on Thursday, April 26th 11:00 at Brookline Town Hall, 5th floor.

Differentiation in the classroom is already part of the educational framework in Brookline Schools, however, in the World Language Program, many of our children who are proficient in Spanish or Mandarin are not being challenged. The LLCG and other parents has proposed changes to the World Language Program so that our children may be taught to their ability. Nicole Gittens Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Nadine Ekstrom Senior Director of Teaching and Learning, and Tanya Alvarado, World Language Curriculum Coordinator, will be meeting with the LLCG and other parents to discuss and finalize the proposal for Differentiation in World Languages. Please come to this meeting to give your input, ask questions, or just to listen.


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