Black Friday at Lawrence Legacy Fund

Don’t miss these amazing deals!

  • Weekly Wednesday news-digest emails that make sure that you get all the key info from those 549 school-related emails that flooded in all week – now just $150 normally: priceless!
  • Art and music enrichment, including take-home art kits, personal instrument sets for K-5, special performances, and more – now just $150 normally: priceless!
  • Curriculum funding that helps ensure that district-budget shortfalls don’t take away from our kids’ education – now just $150 normally: priceless!
  • Student scholarships that cover fees, supplies, and other expenses for families in need – now just $150 normally: priceless!
  • A PTO that’s always looking out for you and your child – now just $150…and always priceless

$150 per student is what the PTO spends—on these programs and much more—per child in a school year. It’s about what you might spend on just a month or two of art classes, music lessons, or sports teams…and you don’t even have to find your cleats to participate! 

Just click the link below to make your annual donation to the PTO’s Lawrence Legacy Fund. Your financial support is the largest source of funding for everything the PTO does. And gifts at any level are welcome—because your participation in our community is what makes Lawrence truly priceless!

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