At-Home Hump Day = Legacy Fund Bump Day!

Wednesday: The day when all over town, Lawrence Chromebooks are open on kitchen counters, dining-room tables, bedroom floors…while Lawrence kids are connecting with their teachers and classmates online. It’s not a perfect system—we all wish this were over so regular life could return! But tune into a typical Zoom lesson and it’s easy to see how much has changed since those crazy “remote learning” days of spring: Access to online classes has been streamlined and simplified. Virtual materials are improved, and real materials like books and worksheets thoughtfully integrated. Most of us are able to switch from fulltime IT guy to parttime IT guy, or maybe even focus on our “real” jobs again. Most of all, students are learning, creating, and feeling like part of a community.

What has made the difference? Many things, of course—but what the PTO sees firsthand, through our cornerstone grants program, is this: Lawrence teachers are seeking out professional development, new technology, and safer supply-sharing practices. Those called into new roles have embraced them with gusto and set up entirely new hybrid-ready classrooms. In addition, Lawrence events have been reimagined to engage families from home, bringing in experts to offer parent education, video editing, and even dance lessons. And funding support for all of that comes from the PTO.

Your past support has meant that when teachers seek funding to improve our kids’ education, the PTO can say “yes.” When a parent has a great idea for an online event, we can say yes to that too. And when conditions change again and new transitions call for new support, we can keep on saying yes, and continue offering the financial support our community needs to get through this strange time. 

With event revenue limited this year, your support is more important now than ever. Please make your annual donation to the PTO’s Lawrence Legacy Fund today. If you gave last year, please consider increasing your donation for 20-21. If you’ve never given before, now is the time to start!

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