At-Home Fun

We’re back with more great activities for your weekend! Here’s your sneak peek of favorites from Lawrence parents and teachers—soon to be posted on the PTO website at


Nature Scavenger Hunt
Head outdoors! Ms. Moriarty’s library blog spotlights The Green Hour, a partnership between LL Bean and the National Wildlife Federation. Green Hour’s website features nature-focused activity ideas suitable for a wide range of ages, beautifully organized. We especially like the printable downloads for scavenger hunts (traditional and sensory) and bird-watching, plus a handy birding guide with color pictures of common birds.

It’s always time for Sudoku! features eight leveled puzzles to complete online or print and fill. Print this four-page packet of past puzzles to get you started (eight puzzles on two pages, plus answer sheets)…then check out the website to try today’s daily sudoku and discover other types of puzzles, too.

Mapa Latina
Bilingual publisher Veoleo exclaims, “We love Latin America and we want your kids to, too!”—and their website features a wealth of resources to back it up: videosworksheets, and coloring pages, plus a catalog of their Spanish-language books. We love their printable Mapa Latina: Challenge your kids to fill in the blank map—or just color in the labeled map for fun!

Good Listening: Science

Brains On! podcast puts kids and experts together to answer the important questions: What happens when continents collide? How do vaccines work? Why does green mean go? And what makes gross things gross? One favorite feature of each episode is the Mystery Sound segment—we recommend the 40-minute Mystery Sound Extravaganza (or part of it) as a family guessing game!

And, of course…Good Giving: Lawrence Legacy Fund!
What an amazing start to the final week of our fall appeal! We’re over 50% toward our goal of $10K in one week, and our $1,500 match has been fully utilized…but we still need help to get over the finish line. Please make your donation this weekend!

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