Lawrence K-8 Art Show 2016

On Wednesday, April 6th, Lawrence School celebrated its annual K-8 Art Show featuring art work from every student in the school.  The artwork on display served as a reflection of the dynamic and enriching art curriculum we have in Brookline.  Art projects were created based on a range of themes including, connections to history and other cultures, understanding artistic styles, and exploring identity.  Types of media included ceramic sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and mixed media pieces.  Each year, volunteers create an exciting scavenger hunt based on the art work that challenges Lawrence students to closely observe each art exhibit and look for clues.  They can pass in finished scavenger hunts and receive prizes.  Additional prizes included passes to area art museums including, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Peabody Essex Museum.  The PTO Visual Arts Council would like to thank the following people, who worked tirelessly in making this year’s show a success.

List of People whose contributions ensured the success of the 2016 Art Show

Lawrence Staff

  • Christine Kohlsaat
  • Maria Kalaitzidis
  • Jurgen Brandl
  • Pat Clark
  • Kathleen Moriarty

Lawrence Faculty

  • Shelly Magno
  • Eric Latimer
  • Meredith Hall
  • Dominique Ferdinand
  • Greg Porter

PTO Lawrence Visual Arts Council Members

  • Shelly Magno
  • Jin Suk
  • Kathleen Scanlon
  • Chris Deister
  • Seungeun Lee
  • Katherine Ingraham
  • Chryssa Georgalis
  • Linda Louie

Lawrence Parents and Students – assistance in prepping artwork/preparing food/setting up/during show/post show

  • Lydia Chen
  • Saori Tanaka
  • Marimo Arai
  • Nao Tsukafa
  • Ikuyo Aihara
  • Kay Kobayashi
  • Maggie Sawada
  • Kim Drain
  • Ayumi Hurano
  • George Luu
  • Panagiotis Delimatsis
  • Ines Costa Dias
  • Alice Costa Filipe Grade 5
  • Clara Costa Filipe Grade 2
  • Amy Chen Grade 2
  • Sabrina Bergin Grade 8
  • Evan Suk Grade 8
  • Hana Koike- Grade 7
  • Jaimie Louie- Grade 7
  • Lia Suk Grade 5
  • Noa Suk Grade 3
  • Lyanne Luu Grade 3

Thanks to Rick Rogers and Laura Horst and Alicia Mitchell for support.

Art Show Image Gallery


2016 Pre-Show Announcement

The fourth annual Make Art at Lawrence K-8 Art Show is Wednesday, April 6 from 5pm – 7pm. The evening will feature over six hundred K-through-8 masterpieces. We invite all families to come view the works and to participate in the  Art scavenger hunt. Ms. Magno and the Visual Arts Council team are hard at work preparing for the show! Volunteers are needed on the day of the show. Please sign up here or contact VAC member Linda Louie at

2016 Art Show Poster