Amazon and Stop&Shop Shopping Programs

Support Lawrence through Amazon and Stop & Shop

If you can’t find what you’re looking for locally and are planning to make a purchase at, please click here to start shopping. Purchases made through this link will generate a commission for the PTO. The prices will be exactly the same as if you entered Amazon directly.  We earn a commission on anything placed in your cart during any shopping session that starts through the Lawrence link.  Feel free to share this link with your friends and family!

There are some restrictions: We earn a commission for any qualifying items (pretty much everything is a qualified item) placed in a customer’s shopping cart during a 24-hour window. This window begins at the time you click through our Associates link. However, the session window will close if you submit your order or re-enter through another Associate’s link.

Once the session expires, any additional purchases will not earn advertising fees. If you return to through our link, this will generate a new session window. As long as an item is added to your shopping cart during the session window, we’ll earn a commission on this item even if the actual order is placed several weeks later.

There are also some commission caps: personal computers have fees capped at $25, and Amazon Instant Video as well as Amazon MP3 products are capped at $1.50 per item.


To register for the Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Program, just visit and click on the tab that says “Register Your Card,” or call  1-877-275-2758 to register over the phone.  After you register, each shopping trip using your Stop & Shop Card earns CASH for Lawrence! Last year we earned over $400 through this program!

The A+ School Rewards Program is completely separate from other points programs, so you will still earn your own points for gas and other rewards. Please register your card soon, and ask your friends and family to do the same!

FYI, your Stop & Shop card number has 13 digits: start with the two numbers to the left of the barcode, then get the numbers underneath the barcode, then finish with the number to the right of the barcode. Still have questions?