SET-J (Sending Educators To Japan) program news

SET-J (Sending Educators To Japan) program news

Thank you to all of the Lawrence students, staffs and teachers who made the origami cranes.

We especially appreciate the 2nd graders and kindergartners who eagerly folded cranes during the class.  
We combined 1000 origami cranes and create “Senbazuru, and it is displayed in the front lobby during April. Please take a look!

This year’s SET-J grant recipient, Ms. Katy McGraw (Math Specialist) will bring the Senbazuru to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and present it as a prayer for peace in June.
Please check her website (

The “Sending Educators To Japan” program, which is funded by the PTO, has been sending Lawrence teachers to Japan since 2002. 

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