Frequently Asked Questions

Room Parents

Instructions for Room Parents to create a class list and setup an email groups to stay in touch with their class.

How do I collect money from parents for a gift to the teacher?

One of the most successful gift giving tools for Room Parents to Teachers is HipChip.

Anyone can easily create an account.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Login or Create an Account.
  3. Click button labeled “New Gift” on the left hand-side.
  4. Who is this gift for? Select “Teacher”.
  5. Choose Number of Teachers.
  6. Enter Teachers Name
  7. Choose up to five Gift types. Amazon Card seems to be popular.
  8. Enter the Gift Details, including Title, Deadline, Suggested donation amount.
  9. Copy & Paste your email list.
    • Click here for instruction on getting your email list
  10. Write your invitation Message
  11. Chip In yourself or ChipIn Later
  12. Send the Invitation
  13. At any time, you many choose to submit your order to purchase the gift cards.

How do I create a room parent email list?

To make life easy for you we have created a printable template for you to collect names of parents and email address.

  1. Click here to download the template. – COMING SOON

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