Lawrence PTO Committees proudly supports, funds and organizes special activities and services for our community. Click on each one of the following committee pages for more information.


ECS-PAC (Enrichment, Challenge and Support Program- Parent Advisory Council) Ivey Bueno
Green Team Kathleen Scanlon
Nicola Thompson
Gina Hahn
Angela Lee
Susan Helms Daley
Japanese Fair Kay Kobayashi 
Takehiko Sambe
Saori Tanaka
LLCG (Lawrence Latino Cultural Group) Marcia Ramos Sosa (Director) /
LSA Zoe Kovel
New Families Erika Key
METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) Makeeba McCreary
Gina Edge
Performing Arts Council Nancy Gerber
SET-J (Send an Educator to Japan) Ikuyo Aihara
Marimo Arai
Shiho Kozono

School Programs

LEDP Mary Gardiner (Director)
Susan Gray (President)


New Family Welcome LSA Directory
Year Book School Photo Lawrence Logo
Auction Book Fair Fall Picnic
Spring Picnic
Family Fun Night Fun Run Food Day Festival
International Night Japanese Cultural Group Japanese fair Latino Cultural Group
Phonathon Lawrence Green Team Movie Day
Visual Art Council – Art Show Performing Arts Council – PTO play Staff Appreciation Lunch

PTO Sub-Committees

Provides support for oversight of all events to support organizers and provide feedback to improve efficiency of the events by gathering and analyzing the data.

Responsible for increasing and promoting donations to the PTO throughout the year as well as during various events including Phoneathon, auctions and other campaigns.

Reaching out to our community through direct communication and social media.